Breakout Session 4

MIL, Prosociality, & Well-being

Chair: Raymond CHUI

B4-1 Meaning in life associated with prosociality and empathy in youth

Felix Wing-Lok LI, David NEUMANN, Jessica PAYNTER, Mabel Ngai-Kiu WONG and Bess Yin-Hung LAM

The University of Hong Kong, HKSAR; Griffith University, Australia; The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, HKSAR; Hong Kong Shue Yan University, HKSAR


B4-2 A study of the relationship between religiosity, prosocial behavior, meaning in life, and attitude towards people with intellectual disability (ID) of Hong Kong adults

 Jacky Ka-Kuen WONG and Raymond Chi-Fai CHUI

Hong Kong Shue Yan University, HKSAR

B4-3 Awareness of meaning: The mechanism between future orientation and prosocial tendency

Wai-Kin LUI, Ka-Wing LAU, and Chi-Keung CHAN

Hong Kong Shue Yan University, HKSAR

B4-4 How meaning in life affect the attitudes towards COVID-19 and flourishing among Chinese youth

Nga-Yi CHAN, Ka-Lai YUNG, Cheuk-Yin LAW, Chi-Keung CHAN, Chi-Fai CHUI, Yat-Fan SIU, Ting-Shun YU, Man-Wai KUNG, Hau-Ching CHUNG, Ching-Shan WONG, Kai-Hang NG, Wai-Kin LUIi and Ka-Wing LAU

Hong Kong Shue Yan University, HKSAR